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Welcome to Mona's News.

So welcome and thank you for checking out my website and also my new blog ' Monas News' where i will be sharing fun facts, games, ideas and thoughts and anything and everything related to children's entertainment, parties, games and having fun fun fun.

As you may already know I am a full time professional children's entertainer and have been entertaining children and families for over 15 years! I have built up a huge repertoire of games, ideas and tips and tricks to get your parties up and running and off to a flying success. Of course I am unable to get to all of your parties but at least i'm able to share with you helpful ideas that you can all benfit from.

If there is something you would love to know or for me to write about and share then please do drop me an email at and ill add it to my content list for up and coming articles.

In the mean time here is a list of some of the topis i will be sharing in the coming months.

Please do stay tuned and stay up to date.

• Top Games for Kids Parties at home

• The best new games to play at parties

• The next level 'Pass the parcel' and my forfiet cards you can download for FREE!

• The best classic party games that still rock the party!

• How to prepare for a childen's birtdhay party

• How to choose a party entertainer when there is so many options

• Why book Mona for your party's

• Understanding children, their ages and what they respond to best.

• My favourite 'magical' shows and moview recommendations for all ages.

• Do's and Don'ts for a children's party

• Download your FREE super fun ' party planner'

• How about a colouring in competition? FREE to enter! Download now

• Egg hunt, Games and fun things to do at Easter

• Christmas Magic, All things Christmas.

• The best songs to get the kids up and dancing!

• Learn a FREE magic trick to do at home during half term.

• Birthday party check list!

And much much more....

But for now, lets get the party started with this FREE to download party planner.

Just click away and its all yours!

Download PDF • 656KB

In the mean time please do subscribe to Mona's News here so you can stay up to date with 'Monas News' and not miss a thing. I promise not to bombard you with spam, unnecessary marketing and sales promotions.

Thanks again and have a lovely magical bubbly day.

Love Mona x

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