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I am delighted to present my brand new Virtual Entertainment for kids!
Let's bring smiles and a SuperFun day to you all from the comfort of your sofa and connect via any device: a laptop, a computer, a tablet or even a smart phone!Your children will be able to see and interact with me and all their friends, without them missing all the fun of the party. At the end of the party i will even send you the full recording of your little one's party, which you can then watch for as many times as you want and share it with your friends and guests so everyone will remember your happy time forever!

*Specially designed birthday magic show & dancing

Perfect to celebrate your little one's birthday!!For all the toddler birthdays I will surprise them with my special little stars party which include puppets, singing and a wonderful magic.Your birthday boy/girl will be the centre of attention and is guaranteed the best party ever. As for you wonderful adults, you get to relax and enjoy a stress free party. Don't worry if technology isn't your thing. You will receive a booking email from me which will explain easily how to set up your internet connection. Using the FREE Zoom app will connect all of us together at the same time so we will all be able to see, laugh and have fun with each other in real time.

Virtual superfun play dates 

Let me help you virtually babysit your child and keep your little ones  laughing, while you either relax or join in. * Does your child have a favourite bedtime story? I can create a story in a thoroughly new and a SuperFun interactive way.     * Does your child love magic? Let me surprise your beloved one's with a magic workshop so as your little boy/girl can perform some magic for you!      * Does your child love balloons? (45min session)Let me organise some crazy balloon twisting time, so as your little boy/girl will learn how create a colourful balloon creation. If they are able independently to tie a knot in a balloon then you are free to just watch and enjoy. All you will need is a balloon pump and a bag of modelling balloons. I have provided a link for your purchase. This link will take you to my wholesale distributor for a basic kit purchase.

Virtual entertainment Options 
15min  - £50
30min  - £80 
45min  - £100

Personalised pre-recorded 
magical birthday messages

                 £100 per message

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